United States Sierra Leonean    Association (USSLA)

Company Profile

United States Sierra Leonean Assoc.


Founded: 2006

Owner: Community members


Areas of expertise: 
Education, immigration, Culture, Advocacy, philanthropy, fundraising.

Recent Projects

Computer Literacy
The Association has a computer lab equipped with 15 high speed internet connection. The lab is basically used to teach adults computer skills, and for the school children's use to do their homework and surf the web.

Community Hall
The community hall is being utilized by the community for various inter cultural ceremonies, Child Naming ceremony, Birthday celebrations, Country independent celebrations, religious activities and many more..

Seminars and workshops are frequently organized by community organizations on topics affecting our community.

Art and Culture
A good number of Artifacts are collected daily for display at the cultural room. The rich culture of Sierra Leone and Africa is showcase in this room. for educational and social purposes. Various Cultural projects are carried out every year. Some of the cultural and Art programs are partnered with the Staten Island ART and other non profit organizations. Cultural Dance, Drumming and Story telling are some projects with the Art and Culture Department.

Play Ground
The center has a fenced play ground for children age 12 and below. This safe environment in a troubled neighborhood is conducive for parents and a heaven for children..

Providing education in Sierra Leone
Two of our volunteers drove an initiative to collect and distribute used clothing to the needy in towns and villages in Sierra Leone.


USSLA is very active in the fight against the deadly Ebola disease. We are raising funds to assist the victims and the health care workers in West Africa. We have collaborated with Government and non profit organizations in the United States and Africa to provide education and awareness about the disease and have taken the lead to make a visible assistance to orphans in Sierra Leone.

Millions of people suffer and die every year because they don’t have the most basic necessity freely available to them. Help us change that.


"Our basic mission is to utilize the expertise available within the community to help the community". We encourage all members of our community to come up with their skills and experience to assist each other.

What We’re Doing