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  • Social community and counseling services.
  • Provide empowerment to youth and family support groups and job readiness.
  • Forster strong brotherhood, social and moral ties within the membership and the community in general.


Welcome to our website.
I hope you will find it enjoyable and informative. Our website will serve as a tool to reach out to others around the world and to be used as a platform to showcase the activities of this Association. Furthermore, use our blog and forum pages to provide us with your valuable suggestions, constructive critic and information. Your input and feedback will help us to foster good relationship and achieve our goals. I encourage everyone regardless of your nationality, sex, age or religious affiliation to join forces with us in this pursuit. Please register your membership online or in person by contacting the following numbers: +1-347-469-7792 or +1-347-423-8442, or any USSLA member. You can also send us your donation payable to USSLA. Help us to help others. Thank you and God bless us all.

The United States Serra Leonean Association is a 501c3 non-profit Association, as such it is not affiliated to or subscribe to any political party or agenda.

Its purpose is to serve and promote the diverse needs of African immigrants in general and Sierra Leoneans in particular by providing the following human services:

All your donations are tax deductible.



Our Mission is to develop innovative strategies through community involvement planning, advocacy, socio-cultural and education, that will encourage and support effective, cohesive partnership, and advance a neighborhood renaissance to mobilize the existing expertise and services in and around our community.

    Our mission

United States Sierra Leonean    Association (USSLA)